Somerset County Amateur Radio Club
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Somerset, PA 15501-1241

Meet Our Members

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Robert K. Hersch “Bob” born in Meyersdale, PA  1951
Berlin Brothersvalley High School Graduate  1969
Vale Tech in Blairsville, PA  1969
Highland Tank and Manufacturing, Stoystown, PA  1970 - 1974
GTE Phone Co. Somerset, PA  1974 - 1979
New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co.  1979 - 2013
Retired in 2013 with 44 + years in the work force  2013 -

Why I became an Amateur.

It was the thrill of being able to talk with someone around the world.

As a young boy, I used to lay in bed with a transistor radio under my pillow listening to ball games.  My interest in communication didn’t develop until I was older and the CB craze came along.  When I was in my twenties, I bought a TV repairman’s business from a retired man who lived in the village of Pocahontas.  For the next 5 years, I was working on TV’s and radios.  I also took an electronics course through the mail learning as much as I could.

Then I met a gentleman from Berlin who was a Ham Operator. He also started out with CB’s but soon converted to Amateur Radio. So you might say he was my first “Elmer”.  We kept in contact over the years, but with working and changing jobs my pursuit of Amateur Radio got pushed back.  I was a welder with Highland Tank, a telephone operator with GTE Telephone in Somerset (later purchased by Verizon) and was head lab technician for New Enterprise Stone and Lime designing asphalt mixes for Penn Dot and the PA Turnpike.

In the following years I got married and started a family. I took several computer classes and other electronic classes so that I would not lose my interest in the hobby. Then in 2007, I bit the bullet and started studying for my Technician license.  As I had never lost my enthusiasm for Amateur Radio and wanted to achieve the highest level of licensing available, I took all three levels of Amateur license that year and passed all three.  In the fall of 2007, I obtained the level of Extra Class.  

Since then I’ve been with the Somerset Amateur Radio Club helping with different events and doing my part for the club.  I’m currently a Trustee and VE examiner, helping other individuals become licensed Amateur Radio operators.  It is an honor to pass on the thrill of talking to individuals in different countries to newly licensed radio operators.  Talking to other people in different countries has made my dream come true.  I hope my little bit of history will inspire other future ham operators to pursue their goals and achieve the excitement that I have found.

Please check out my bio on QRZ.  There you’ll see my ham shack, equipment and some pictures of my antennas. 73’s




Stewart R. Saylor born in Somerset 1946
Somerset Area Senior High School 1963
West Virginia University BSBA 1963 - 1967
US Army SP4 MP Vietnam NCO Club Accounting Office 1968 - 1970
Pittsburgh National Bank Accounting Officer 1970
First Amateur license N3AJP 1978
Amateur Extra AK3J 1980
PNC Financial Services Group VP Accounting 2001
Retired to Somerset 2002

How has Amateur Radio helped me?


It was a boost to my confidence.

I am not an electronics wiz. It took two years in Electrical Engineering to prove that calculus and I could not compute. WVU provided an aptitude test indicating I would do well in business or computer programming. I selected Business Administration with a major in Accounting. I began my banking career in the General Accounting Department of Pittsburgh National Bank. The primary function was to complete a daily Income Statement and Balance Sheet using large adding machines and pencils. After three years I was managing the department. The new task was to validate the conversion of the manual process to general ledger software running on an IBM mainframe. After a few years, I was offered a new position in a new department to interface all the other systems into that general ledger system. Through this experience I worked with all the systems and learned I could communicate well with the programming staffs 

I learned about Amateur Radio while in High School. But, it was not until now that I was successful. A class was offered by a Pittsburgh college. I signed up and the class was cancelled. I ordered a book from the ARRL and the rest is history. Passing the Amateur Extra exam and the 20 word per minute code test was a great confidence builder.

Sometime after 1980, I began tinkering with the first Radio Shack personal computer and BASIC programming. Eventually I took a COBOL course at PITT. The Common Business-Oriented Language was the language of all the bank systems.

These were also the years of bank acquisitions. PNC was always the acquiring organization so all those systems came to Pittsburgh. Then another challenge came with a new management accounting system. I was given the opportunity to build a data warehouse to support that system. Earlier attempts had failed. Our approach was to staff the department with both accounting and programming experts within the accounting division. I built the staff with people I worked with in prior years and knew that each one was smarter than me. It worked and I knew it could when we started.

That confidence started with Amateur Radio and continues today: but, on a smaller scale.
I am the club’s Treasurer and my only daily interface is now EchoLink.

My other hobby can be found HERE.




Ted Fisher
Born: Somerest, PA 1945
Current Residence: Rochester Hills, MI
Somerset Area Senior High School 1963
Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon University) BSEE 1967
Pennsylvania State University, Master of Engineering Science 1976
First Engineering Job: Penelec, Johnstown, PA. 1967
Retired from General Dynamics Land Systems Div. (Home of the U.S Army Abrams Main Battle Tank) 2013

What I like most about Amateur Radio

1. The really great hams that I meet, all of them are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

2. Learning to work with RF, something that was outside of my 46 years of electrical engineering work.

3. Small Magnetic Loop (SML) transmitting antennas.  I spend more time building and working digital modes on SMLs than any other aspect of the hobby.  Made thirty-five 6m Sporadic E-layer (Es) FT-8 QSOs in June-August 2019, including one confirmed double hop, 1950 mi QSO with K7CW, using this homebrew SML that can literally fit through a basketball hoop.


How I became an Amateur?

Thought about it for 55 years (honest !), then finally acted on the encouragement of my friend and mentor AK3J.



Richard (Rick) Lohr born in Johnstown, 1955
Life-long resident of Hooversville
Forbes High School 1973
Penn Technical Institute, Pittsburgh
Forty-two years in Emergency Management  1976 - 2018

 How has Amateur Radio helped me: 
It helped me in my career in Emergency Management/911.

What I like most about Amateur Radio: 
All the Friends I have made and the Ham Radio Contacts both in the United States and other Countries.

What changes have I seen in Amateur Radio: 
Tube transceivers to all solid state equipment.  The techology is always changing.

Why I became an Amateur: 
Great Hobby and great way to communicate, not only on HF, but on 2 meters and 440 MHz.

How I became an Amateur: 
I stated at age 12 in CB Radio (11 Meters) and that led to my later interest in Amateur Radio.  I have been licensed as a Amateur Radio Operator since 1995

I have been interested in electronics since I was 10 years old and got my start in two-way radio communications in the mid 1960's on 11 meters.  My interest in Electronics and Communications led to my 42 year career as Director of Emergency Communications/911 with the County of Somerset, PA.  When I retired on June 15, 2018, I was Director of Emergency Services (EMA/911) for the County of Somerset.

I was first licensed in Amateur Radio with a Technician's License in 1995.  With the encouragement of one of my best friends, who was also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, I upgraded to the General Class in December, 2018.  This friend (Brian N3LZV) passed away suddenly on May 16, 2018 and is now a "Silent Key".  Brian was President of the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club when he passed.  I am a member of the ARRL and the Somerset County Amateur Radio Club.

I have been an active Volunteer Fire Fighter with the Hooversville Volunteer Fire Dept. Station 614 for 50 years and have served in the positions of Secretary, 2nd Assistant Chief, President, and Trustee.  I jointed the fire department when I was 14 years old.

I am married to the former Felicia Bulger for 40 years, and we are the proud parents of 3 grown children, along with being the Grandparents of 5 grandchildren, and Great Grant parents of 2 Great Grandchildren.

My current HF equipment includes a Yaesu FT991 and an ICOM 756Pro.  For 2 Meters and 70cm I use a Yaesu FT8000 Dual Band and a Kenwood TM241A 2 Meter Rig.  My mobile equipment is a Yaesu FTM-100R/DE.



Meet Our Members

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