Somerset County Amateur Radio Club
P O Box 1241
Somerset, PA 15501-1241


The Somerset County Amateur Radio Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation promoting Amateur Radio services and education in Somerset County, PA

2020 Hamfest is CANCELLED

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Club activities RESTARTED
including social meetings,
VE Testing,
Demonstrations & Training

Room 27 Founders Hall is set up to handle up to 18 people with social distancing.
Masks will be provided or bring your own.

RASPBERRY Pi Getting Started
July 9, 2020 by Mark, K3VL

This will be a hands-on presentation, starting at 7PM in Room 27, Founders Hall.
Bring your Pi - any model. Mark will provide SD cards with Amateur Radio programs
installed and discuss their use.

Going beyond the basics by AD3AD
Will be rescheduled

Andrew will walk through the processes to keep your Pi current with software
updates and the basic steps to stay up to date. This maybe a Saturday session.


Have a suggestion for a future demo.
Let us know.

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio is welcome to attend.

Our thanks to:
Introduction to RaspberryPi by AD3AD.
CPR First Aid Class
Taught by Seth Forry, KC3MQR
Attended by Andi, Bob, Amanda, Stew, Peggy, Don, Jessica, Trinity, Passion, Deb, Dan, Mark, Dolores,
Fred , Barb, Jim, Chris and Gerry

KB1CU - EZNEC demo
K1ZE - His years with Heathit and DMR deployment
W3DEC - NVIS antenna usage
N3XCC - Mesh networking hardware set-up
Steven Hofecfer - Glass insulators
N3XF Demo his Sony HW-1000XM3 noise canceling headphones
N3XF N1MM Plus training
K1ZE Geochron demo
Tom Causer, RN, BSN, RRT, HP Trauma Coordinator, Conemaugh Health System


Business meetings will start at 7:30
on the third Thursday of the month.

Founders Hall
6022 Glades Pike
(Route 31 east)
Somerset, PA 15501

Room 27

Social meetings will start about 7:00
on the other Thursday evenings.

Anyone interested in Amateur Radio is invited to attend any Thursday evening.

Directions to the new clubhouse location
Route 31 east of Somerset

When driving east from Somerset on Route 31, Glades Pike, continue
to the top of the hill beyond the turn to the Somerset County Technology Center. At the top of the hill look for the large sign for the Somerset County Education Center, turn left off of Route 31 and look for Founders Hall. It is the large building to the left, housing the Somerset County Federated Library and Career Link. Enter the Library entrance. Room 27 will be to the right.

Technician License Training Options

Our new club location is perfect for teaching. We can offer weekly classes or one on one sessions.

We will use the ARRL Technicial License Manual that we can purchase for you at a slight discount. Classes will be free.
An ARRL VE test session will be offered following the class. The ARRL test fee is $15.

     Option 1 - Classroom

With this option, all classes will be held in Room 27, Founders Hall. See address below.
Weekly classes meeting for about two hours for eight weeks. They can be evening classes, any evening except Thursday, or a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon.
Let us know what works for you.

     Option 2 - One-on-One Mentoring

With this option you will be paired with a club member that lives close to you. You will study at your own pace. You can meet weekly or communicate via the telephone to talk about the training material.
Let us know what works for you.


Club Sponsored

K3SMT - Somerset
 Analog Repeaters:
 VHF 147.195+ PL 123.0
 UHF 443.250+ PL 123.0

EchoLink Node 506066

WA3P - Mt. Davis
 443.725+ Primarily Digital
 Controller: RB-STM32 DVM
 D-Star in -> D-Star out
 DMR in -> DMR out
 Fusion in -> Fusion out
 FM in -> FM out - PL 127.3
 Pi-Star Status Page

  Operating tips by N3BLS

W3DCW - Hays Mill
 441.500+ Primarily Digital
 Controller: RB-STM32 DVM
 D-Star in -> D-Star out
 DMR in -> DMR out
 Fusion in -> Fusion out
 FM in -> FM out - PL 123.0
 Pi-Star Status Page


K3SMT is an ARRL Affiliated Club